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I finally cried



Jul 28, 2010
Out of Context
I went to church this morning. 2 months ago I never thought I'd go to church again, but I found a place that feels like I'm coming home every time I walk through the doors. I've been 3 times, and today I cried and cried and cried through the whole service, even through the passing of the peace, and people came and sat with me, and and put their arms around me and I told them about the memories that surfaced (not in detail), and one woman told me she understands crying in church because she does it all the time. Another woman told me that it was okay to sit there in church and cry. They accepted my brokenness without trying to fix me or get me to stop crying, and that means the world to me because right now I need a safe place other than my therapist's office where I am allowed to be broken and to cry.
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Oh i'm really happy that you've found a place of sanctuary and acceptance.
What you said about feeling like you're coming home when you walk through the doors is so beautiful, and it gives me hope to hear of the kindness of the other people there... that they supported you and held you through your tears without trying to "make it right". x
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