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I feel so sad :(



Jun 1, 2021
I've been feeling sad all day and for some reason, looking at pictures I enjoy, like cute cats, has been making me even more sad. I feel like the picture looks so happy and I feel like it's supposed to make me happy and I get more sad when it doesn't make me happy. Sometimes I just feel like life is depressing and pointless and it's impossible to be happy and enjoy life. It seems really cold and depressing and it feels like we are all on this earth just to suffer.


Well-known member
Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Sounds like a really rough day!

Some days I too feel as if life is pointless. On those occasions I try to remind myself that I live with depression which, at least in part, influences how I see the world. Which isn't to say I think life has a definitive purpose. My life is pretty confusing and often doesn't make any sense to me.

Does it ever help you to visit some place where you feel connected to something larger than yourself?


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Apr 14, 2021
I find some days are much worse than others. All I can suggest is remembering that there will be good days - you have to unfortunately just ride out the tough ones.


Well-known member
Mar 16, 2021
United States
I'm sorry you are going through such a tough time.

One of the worst parts about depression is that it makes everything (past, present, and future) seem sad even if it isn't sad. When I've been at my worst, I have no happy memories or thoughts. Everything is just sadness. It's tough. Keep reminding yourself that not everything is as it seems. Give yourself permission to take breaks. Show yourself lots of grace. Try to find something that can give you a little pleasure (reading a book, watching a show, taking a walk, working on a hobby). It might not help tons, but every little bit counts.
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