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I feel numb



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Apr 23, 2012
For the first time in about a year, possibly longer, I actually feel numb. I've noticed this has started over the past few days and to be honest I hate it. I don't understand it. In psychotherapy a lot from my past has been brought to the forefront and its usually always on my mind to the point I feel like I can't escape it. But now I feel numb and cut off from it all. It's like nothing bothers me. I can't think in depth about anything from the past and in a weird way I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. I feel frustrated by it so I don't know if this means I don't feel anything or if the frustration/ overwhelming feeling is a contradiction. I am struggling to concentrate and I can't get myself to do anything which I would usually enjoy. I feel helpless in it all.


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Dec 17, 2019
London, ON
Are you aware of the concept of dissociation? Look it up, see if you think it might apply to you.

Regardless - depending on your issues, therapy can leave you feeling overwhelmed and, oddly, depressed.

I've been there. I don't want to project my own experience onto you, but I think there's a point where therapy feels like it's worse than doing nothing. Exposing all sorts of things you didn't even realize you were influenced by, and wondering how you'll ever sort yourself out. sometimes, it seems like such a long journey, and we wonder how we'll do it.

One step at a time. The whole universe runs one step at a time, just like us.

There are a lot of things that can make us feel more "numb" and distant from life and events, some of them are so easily solved it seems foolish. Even if they aren't the real problem, they can stack up on the original feelings, making it deeper and harder to sort out.

first - tell your therapist about this. He knows what he, or she, is doing.

Not eating, or eating poorly, can make us slow thinking and dull feeling, and because we are numb, we ignore it. Don't. Keep your energy up. Eat something. Get enough sleep, but don't oversleep.

Get some excercise - just a walk will do. Something that makes you aware of your body.

List interests, and things that you have made you happy before. Indulge in a few, try to let yourself fully enjoy it. Remember what it feels like to feel.

Listen to some music, music that has always been able to get you happy or moving.

to me - it sounds like the numbness is a way of retreating from the stress of therapy and how it is affecting you. you need to find a way to anchor yourself physically, to dispell that numb unreal feeling.

I don't know that any of those will help - but they've helped me over teh last 15 years. You aren't alone, and you can manage this. I mean, I'm a lifelong screw up, and I somehow manage to handle things. Usually. If I can, you can, too.

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Nov 17, 2018
Really nice post Nuke, I can totally relate.