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I feel nothing.



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Feb 20, 2016
in March it would have been my anniversary of 6 years with my ex. it was such a hard time for me and i honestly didn't think that i would make it through that day.

But anyway ive mentioned before that the only contact i have with my ex is through a blog we both use to talk and keep in touch with each other.
well on the day before the anniversary date something inside of me just said enough is enough and i wrote a blog post saying that i was done for good this time and that if he wanted me in his life he would have to actually try (basically just stick up for us to even have a chance at friendship) but until then i'm gone unless he really needs me.

Obviously during the anniversary date we both needed to be able to talk to each other so i made an exception for that date. But it has been just under 2 weeks without speaking to him.

i feel like crap!
but its like ive finally just gave up on trying when it comes to him. 6 months of trying with constant rejection really can have a dent on your mood.

But im still here, struggling but im here. which i guess means im coping.

i feel like im a tiny bit closer to maybe moving on.

i think the only thing that will make me feel again will be when i find someone who can make me happy like the way i used to be.

I just want to stop feeling so numb. i want to feel excited for my holiday coming up, and happy that my sisters planning her wedding.
but right now its impossible because i feel nothing at all :( !


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Mar 26, 2016
Sometimes a clean break is what's needed for the wound to heal. You have to make the room to give someone else a chance of being in a relationship with you. But you know that already. Stick with it x