I feel like I'm falling apart



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Jun 17, 2017
I've struggled with depression my whole life, on and off, with better times and worse times. I am now 22 living with my boyfriend in a foreign city that I love. There is so much to do and experience here that when I arrived I loved it.

Moving here helped so much with my mood and energy levels. But lately I've felt myself falling apart. A month ago my boyfriends mum passed away and since then he has been struggling with life. I have no idea how to help and all he does is play video games all day. He barely wants to leave the house. And of course I can't even imagine the pain and suffering he is in but I feel so distant and I don't know how to help.

Unfortunately the two months before his mum passed had also been stressful for us with moving and him disliking his job. He was always a gamer but the constant gaming started already back then. And I don't know how to reach him anymore

He doesn't even go to work anymore even though he has a new job he likes. They are being compassionate about the situation but I know that won't last forever and at this rate he might lose the job if he doesn't go back.

I am just feeling like I'm falling apart. I'm exhausted, and no energy, no social life anymore because I'm worried to leave Him alone in case he goes on an 'anger/losing it' streak - the smallest things set him off like not being able to pick up a parcel. I'm worried all the time. And feeling so dark again. All I wanna do is lie in bed. Sometimes I cry, but often I don't even have the energy or care for that.

I don't know how to climb back out of this.... sorry if none of this makes sense. I just have no one to turn to...

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