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I feel like a freek



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Nov 21, 2009
From the age of 20 I have had had a feeling in my head that I have literally lost my mind. I feel like my mind has crumbled and disappeared down into my spine. I am currently going through a very hard time having separated from my wife and now live alone.

The treatment for the feeling in my head is a anti-psychotic drug which makes me feel even worse and has not changed the feeling in my head. In fact when I make up in the morning I feel absoluetely awful. I tried to stop taking it for two days but woke up on the second morning full of anxiety and tension and had to go to the doctors where I broke down and cried. Ironically afterwards I felt better but the advice was to go back on the drug.

Some days I feel so deparate. I have a four year old son and sometimes it is only thinking about him that stops me ending it all.

Has anybody ever heard of similar symptoms to mine. The doctors do not believe it has actually happened but I am convinced that it is reality and not my imagination.


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Oct 15, 2009
country cottage

hope you get some help soon . have you been referred to a mental health team? if not maybe you could ask your doctor.


had to go to the doctors where I broke down and cried. Ironically afterwards I felt better but the advice was to go back on the drug.
This happens so often. Doctors and psyches regularly prescribe pills because of the lack of funding for proper talking therapy or lack of time to listen. But in your case talking seemed to help so I wonder if that is what you really need?

It sounds like you are going through a really hard time at the moment, do you have anyone to talk to about it aside from your GP?

You can talk to someone from relate, they offer individual sessions. Or there is a place in Farnham called the Horizon centre they do family therapy and psychoterapy. It might be asking your GP for a referral there rather than them giving you a handful of pills.

Take care
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