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I feel addicted to losing weight

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Jun 27, 2020
Hi everyone. I’m Luke and I’m from England. I’ll get straight to it - I have had a strange journey with my weight. Two years ago, I was overweight. Today I am just about an acceptable weight. Whilst that sounds like a good story, it wasn’t because since I was overweight I have suffered with Body Dysmorphia and I have been Anorexic and I had Binge-Purge Bulimia. Though this is undiagnosed - during my time dropping weight I was both too nervous to go to a therapist and saw one as problematic in getting to be skinny.

So here I am now. I have a boyfriend that loves me, and tells me that he loves my body, parents who are proud of my weight loss (except for my mum who says I am too skinny, bless) and I am more or less happy with how I look. The issue is that I am unable to get out of that frame of mind of wanting to lose weight. When I eat chocolate I feel this surge of sadness, and then I remorselessly bully myself. I still look in the mirror and bully myself for my looks, I hate my freckles mostly, and I believe my face is too wide, and I don’t like my actual torso because it is too short and a bit too flabby. And my stretch marks are horribly ugly. I hate my nipples! And my mouth because it’s too diamondy.

Anyways you get the picture. And when I eat a lot or snack on something I just feel so glum, and I can’t help but want to skip a meal or choose the smaller option. It just feels so natural to get my weight down.

does anyone have any advice? I really need it.


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2020
A lot of people feel like you do about their looks. You're not alone. We are barrages by media that tells us to look like models who all have hair extensions, fake tans, fixed teeth, fake eyelashes, personal trainers and makeup artists.

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