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I Fear confrontation or a fight. Help please?



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Oct 17, 2021
So someone from the passenger seat of their van who I have never met before stuck there middle finger at me as I was just casually walking down to the highstreet.

What did I do?:
I maintained eye contact until I could no longer see the driver.

How I was feeling:
Most importantly I got that same nerv racking feeling as if I was in danger. The same nervous feeling you would get giving a pitch presentation or about to ask a lady out if u fear rejection. I do as well.

But also I was relatively cool about it and did not feel to angry what so ever. I love asking the Why? when things happen. So in my head I was literally like why is this guy swearing at me. I have done nothing wrong. Is his motivation rasicm, did he think I was someone who wronged him? Etc.

My other thoughts:
At first I was initially pleased that I maintained eye contact in my own intimidating way.

If you have seen my previous posts you'd know I hate bullies. If you haven't seen them. Well, I fucking hate bullies. And I try every bit not to be one even if I am face to face with one.

But then I started thinking, should I have given him the middle finger back. I was asking myself questions like did I react in the right way, was I the bigger man, was I a MAN about the situation. Or was I a complete pussy?

I don't know the answer. I hope someone can help me answer it and I would appreciate it.

Thank you👊

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