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I Don't Understand Myself



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Aug 24, 2009
Hi there

I have manic depression and Adjustment disorder, i spent the last 3 months in Bradgate mental health hospital. i have been out for just under 2 weeks, and already im starting to loose it, i have sliced my arms and legs, now i am haveing thoughts of suicide...i really have know one to turn to, im only 17 my mother wont understand because of my self halm, i really dont know who to turn to so i thought i would try this.

the self harm really helps, and i cant even explain why, its a bit like putting the pain on the outside so to speak, but i feel like such a freak and i really am haveing trouble understanding myself, one min i am fine the next i feel like suicide, if anyone else feels like this i would be so happy if you would help me or give me some advice if there is any at all



Hi Corey

And :welcome: to the forum.
I hope you find the forum as friendly, supportive and helpful as I have.

We have a self harm forum where people experiencing similar issues have posted their thoughts and feelings as well as ideas on how to overcome using self harm as a coping mechanism, if that is what you choose to do.

Take care, and I look forward to reading your future posts. :)


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Sep 3, 2009

Hey corey

im currently 14 and well ive been self harmin now for a couple years and yes it is very hard because i feel as once i start i cant stop and as silly as it may sound it begins to feel like a habbit so no your not a freak tbh thats the way i felt befor i read some posts .
Erm my parents dont talk to me bout any of this stuff and at the moment im having a rough stage i think i may have bipolor disssorder and its very tuff not having my parents by my side for me to turn too so im very confused about it all
i just want you to know your not alone ad i know how it feels to self harm and to be laft alone so if u need to know anithink else or wanna talk mainly then feel free im available..x

I reali hope your okayy ... Lolli:hug:


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Dec 19, 2007
Part of my diagnosis includes bi-polar (schizoaffective disorder), but not really sure what insights I could give you right now. I think I'll just say


and tell you that you will hopefully find this place to sound out your thoughts. I've spent too much time in hospital, and can empathise with just coming out. While this isn't a place you can practice your real world social skills, it is social. Why not pull up a chair and stay a while?


I hope thatyou find this forumto be suppor:welcome:tive foryou regards JD

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