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i don't understand my mum



Mar 15, 2020
hi , this morning me and my mum were watching a tv show and someone with tourette's came on. i didn't care ab their condition but my mom started calling them a freak and laughing at them so i got mad and ignored her. then she turned away from me and gave the entire room a bad atmosphere (even tho she always blames me for causing a bad atmosphere) so i said "why r u upset" and she stayed silent for a while then started going off on me ab how i'm a bad person bc she can't say racist things or make fun of ppl. then she said she feels like she can't say anything around me bc i always get mad and if i don't have tourette's why do i bother defending them.

i cant remember the arguement bc i was angry, but at the end i told her to go have her drama outside so she went outside and i say in the living room. i heard her crying but i didn't go and apologise (bc i promised myself i would stop apologising for things that i didn't do wrong) so she comes bk in, grabs a blanket and goes upstairs.

then my drunk stepdad who she doesn't even like comes in and now their lying in bed together probably talking sh//t ab me.

i don't get it i try to b a nicer person, she always calls me rude and standoffish yet when i do i'm in the wrong ??? i just don't get it. but i'm not gonna say sorry she always waits for me to apologise and i'm sick of feeling bad for things i shouldn't.

Alone and scared

Active member
Mar 21, 2020
I think you are just more aware of peoples feelings and the need to respect difference than she is. She maybe didn't mean any harm and took your comment as a criticism of her even though you were right. She's feeling attacked by you. Maybe explain to her than you felt she was laughing at people who couldn't help the way they were, and it upset you.


Well-known member
Mar 2, 2019
I agree that she feels attacked but I also agree that you don’t need to apologize. She’ll get over it.

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