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I don't think I have BPD but psychiatrists wont listen



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Dec 21, 2016
Many years ago a psychiatrist diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder. Even back then, I wasn't entirely convinced with the diagnosis even though I could understand why he would think that based on my behaviour at the time. But recently, I was referred to another psychiatrist by my GP because of treatment-resistant depression. I told him I believed I suffered from the following: Atypical Depression, Attention-Deficit Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder. He asked me whether I had ever seen a psychiatrist before. I said yes. Then he asked me what that psychiatrist had diagnosed. I didn't like where this was going but I wanted to be straight-forward so I told him he had diagnosed me with BPD. I added that I thought the diagnosis was wrong because I didn't have unstable interpersonal relationships, mood swings, identity disturbance, innapropriate anger, abandonnment issues or self-harm. In fact the only diagnostic criteria I could relate to was Impulsiveness which I thought was well accounted for by my ADD. I told him I thought I suffered from Avoidant Personality disorder because I have every single diagnostic criteria. When I saw him for the second time for the follow-up he told me he thought I had BDP. (I thought: "Gee, I wonder what gave you that idea" but said nothing). Then throughout the interview, I noticed he kept asking leading questions that were designed to confirm this diagnosis: "I 'sense' a tremendous anger in you" (No, actually just irritation at being labelled so early) , "I think you need to figure out who you are" (I already know), "Do you self-mutilate?" (I don't and never have), "I think you have a deep sense of inner emptiness" (I don't even know what that means), etc. Whenever I brought up an objection he brushed it aside and just basically acted like he knew me better than I knew myself even though this was only our second meeting. He recommended dialectical-behavioural therapy. I said I was already seing a psychologist (I've been seing her for 5 years) He said he would call her to make a recommendation. I spoke to her today. She said she was annoyed with my psychiatrist
because he would not listen to any of what she had to say (she actually agrees with me that I do not have BPD and she knows me a heck of a lot better than he does) and that he seemed to only want to confirm his own preconceived ideas. I will not be seing this psychiatrist again but I have learned my lesson: if another psychiatrist ever asks me if I have ever seen a psychiatrist before, the answer will be NO. Than maybe he'll do his job in evaluating me instead of subjecting me to this pointless confirmation bias.


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Mar 12, 2016
When I was first introduced to mental health services I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder because I told the psychiatrist I felt empty inside. I was suffering bad depression symptoms and suicidal ideation at the time, the depression lasted for months until I went into a psychotic manic episode and got hospitalised and diagnosed with Bipolar but still had the BPD diagnosis, I disputed the BPD because the depression was symptomatic of the Bipolar not BPD. They would not strike the BPD off my notes although like you I don't have problems maintaining friends, never self harmed and or have rejection issues.

My diagnosis have changed over the years and now have Schizoaffective Disorder and have gotten the BPD wiped off my records, now they put BPD 'traits' because they think I have abandonment issue. They can't write BPD traits on my medical records because it's not a true diagnosis but they write it in unofficial records which pees me off.

BPD tends to stick I'm afraid and when you're diagnosed with it psychiatrists will put all your mental health symptoms down to the BPD.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Welcome, lalalashazam.:welcome: to the Forum. Your post reminded me of so many psychiatrists I've seen who seem to just be pretending to be psychiatrists. Or they are so egotistical. Or they are downright sadistic. Of the two dozen psychiatrists I've met over the decades only three had a sense of equanimity with their patients. The others were all haughty and condescending.

So if you have treatment resistant depression, why are you going to a shrink who will only give you more pills ??