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I don't know where to start..

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Dec 6, 2020

I'm 28 still lives with my mom, don't have a job, don't have hobbies and I don't know what to do with my life..
I've been struggling with depression, anxiety and eating disorders since I was a teen and always seem to relapse.
I don't do anything during the day (except netflix and eating) I don't go out and even just going for a walk seems impossible atm.
I have a psychiatrist but I don't feel like it changes anything.. I've seen psychologist and hypnotherapist but it seems pointless.
sometimes I'm hopeful and want to do things and be happy and sometimes I'm like what's the point ?
I don't know where to start..


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Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum
I'm sorry your struggling, depression can be horrible.
What meds have you tried and treatments?
I hope you can discover more new hobbies.
Don't be hard on yourself, I can't work either.
Volunteering is a great option and gives you pleasure.

Deleted member 91323

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have found it can take time to find a therapy that helps. I got on best with CAT.


Sep 28, 2020
We can always change ourselves the biggest lie out there is we can't . Therapy won't work unless you do some form of energy work yourself to overcome the negative energy in our minds .Therapy helps discover our beliefs , but only we can change them it our minds . Here's some positive affirmations for you just say them out loud. Imagine a single tire just standing still easy to knock over with one hand , but if that tire is moving very hard to knock down. Just like us we have to do something positive be creative whatever and keep moving. Turnoff netflex movies and you create a beautiful movie of your life you are the star , director and the writer .


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Aug 14, 2018
Know that there will be better days for you.

Music helps me. Music therapy or listening to good and uplifting songs on youtube makes me feel and think better.

Also doing what I love to do which is writing helps me too. What do you love to do? What are you good at? Is it cooking, baking, gardening, doing arts and crafts? Do it and it will make you happy and even be successful.


New member
Dec 6, 2020
Thank you for all your responses, firstly I've been on a lot of different meds but right know I take lamictal and lyrica.
I've never heard of CAT, i've tried CBT I think but I'm not sure It's the right translation.
One of my biggest problems is that there is nothing I love doing that does not involve spending money... I want to try new things but I don't know what I could do since I'm bored with everything.

I bought a puzzle during quarantine but I get frustrated and angry so easily that I gave up..
I just wish I could find my path in life, I was working as a beauty consultant and I enjoyed it (except for the way we had to do things sometimes) but with corona and how the economy is going down I'm scared I won't find anything.

I juste came here because I needed to talk to people who understand how I feel, my family is supportive but I can see it's also hard for them and my "friends" don't really get it because for them everytime they feel a little down they are "depressed" and they feel like it's the same for me and I should just force myself to do things (which like you all know is not how depression works)

I want to meet new people but I don't even know how to be social anymore
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