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I don't know what to do



I feel so frustrated, Its a bad day for me today, im finding it hard to handle anything, haven't eaten for six days and yet my parents still don't notice me, even after i tried to kill myself they just came and picked me up a few days after i'd been in the hospital, its okay they have five other good kids why would they need me right ? Im just writing it all out cause the lady i go to talk too has been off sick and now I feel worse than ever, none of my friends want to hang around with me or if i do they don't really speak to me. I feel like i could just disappear and noone would really notice. Its driving me insane everyday its getting more and more for me to handle and the weight im carrying on my sholders is getting heavier to carry unlike the weight that hasn't been seen on me for almost a year. I don't get it people want to like you when your skinny, but if you get too skinny your hated by everyone. I want to start school again and finish my first year of sixth form but its getting too diffucult to stay at that school. Im just finding it so hard to cope. Im wasting away and becoming invisable. The only person who truly talks to me is my older half brother and i think thats because he feels he has too. Im scared im not strong enough to cope anymore


Jun 22, 2008
Durham, UK
Hi. Well done for finding this place and writing that, I bet sitting and typing it helped a little bit, I've just had a good type on another thread about my stuff, and it helps me. The fact is, you HAVE got the strength to get through this. Think of the past. Think of one happy time you had. You owe it to yourself to feel that way again. I'm no expert on eating disorders, but I suspect telling you to go get a Big Mac isn't what you wanna hear. But to get through this, you really have to look after yourself as much as possible. Your mind works even worse with lack of fuel.

Someone will be along with links to get you help, I'm sure. Just keep battling!



The Mean reds have got a grip on your life, your self worth, your self image, everything is negative, distorted ??
The darkness seems to be eating you alive,
I am so concerned and sorry you are suffering this horror,
most important you have to do your best to eat,
trusting your Doctor and I hope your family will really listen to you and help you!!
Realise that you are precious and very worthwhile !
Take small steps do not over tax yourself in anyway,
you will get there...




No one can take away your pain. it is personal to you !
we can offer advice but it could be flawed ??
we can show genuine concern but you may not accept it ??
you may wish to hurt yourself, we hope you will not !!
only you can decide your actions, we are here for you always!!
hope you can reflect on all this ???



dedicated to you

We are as we are, broken blossoms, we shine even in the dark storms of life,
we carry grief and pain like playing cards, each dealt a different hand,
we walk the dark road, sometimes as timid children but we glow,
we are better than "normal" we are never bland, we are vivid,
we are stars reflecting in the ocean of life,
we are as we are....."

this is for you I hope it helps



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Mar 19, 2010
Bipolar Disorder

Ignoring your meal is not the way to overcome your problems,keep your frustration miles away from you.Good luck.