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I don't know what to do (It's about my mother).



New member
May 11, 2019
Hello all,

First time here and honestly I just did a quick search on google looking for a community with knowledge on mental illness.

Basically, it's about my mum. I'm an only child and have had to witness a lot of things happen between my parents. They're now divorced and while the divorce didn't really affect me (as I thought it would be for the better), I find myself in a spot where now I have to be the one to fix everything myself.. somehow.

My mother suffers from PTSD, she has anxiety and also depression. She's such a lovely person, believe me. She loves to help people and of course she loves me. But there are just times where she is not herself. Sometimes she wakes up and she's just a different person. I have tried again and again to understand, but it's like I can't even say anything either, as everything I say is wrong and so for me I just have to back away sometimes because it then affects my head as well. Now it may seem like I'm just selfish for not being there all the time, but if I said these things didn't affect me and my everyday life, i'd be lying.

I'm trying to take care of my newborn baby with my wife at the moment. My mum has been very supportive, but there are times where she just will wake up in the morning and be upset, even if the night prior was all good. The other day I woke up and the maid and nanny were crying. I asked what was going on.. they said it's okay and not to worry, but it was because my mum was just saying things to them that made them really upset. My wife and mum haven't really been getting on either.. My wife feels a little.. nervous I guess you could say. There are times when they're fine, but when my mum is in a certain mood, everyone can see it. And people get nervous.

Today she went with her friend to buy a few things and I was happy about it, because she could spend some time and chat away with a good friend. Everything seemed to go fine.. but when she came home, she was just upset with me again and she literally just walked in the door. I walked out of my office and sat down with her outside, and I could tell she was upset, but the cause, I have no idea. I asked her if everything today went ok and she said yes it was fine, and she showed me what she bought. I was just casually relaxing beside her, having a cup of tea in the backyard and she just says "Oh, so you don't want to talk? Ok", and gets up and is just pissed off with me. I said I'm just relaxing here with you, and she tells me to shut up. So I just sighed and walked back inside and back into my office.

This is a really common issue I have. It's been going on since I was a small child. She's a really caring person, but it's like shes just gone at times and I don't know who I'm talking to, or who she is. I don't mean to make my mum sound like an awful person because shes far from that, but I figure I have to explain somewhat of the situation for you to get an understanding of the day to day life here.

The first 2 weeks of her being at our house seemed to be fine. She would wake up fine, go to sleep without issues. But then one day something just clicked and until now she hasn't been the same since. On that specific day, it started when she wanted me to take her to the mall to buy a few groceries and so I did, but I had to make a few phone calls to my lawyer, and then she just walked off and was silent the whole time. I couldn't even understand what I did wrong. I just had to make a few calls, but I was still beside her in the store the whole time and trying to help out where I can.

She is currently taking lexam (I believe the name is) and she said it's working for her. She previously used xanax which seemed to be ok, but the doctors wanted to ween her off it due to it being addictive or something.

Sorry, maybe it's a bit of a long post. This is really nothing compared to what I could write up but I figure I should try and keep it a bit shorter, hehe.

I'd love any advice or anything at all that you guys could throw my way!
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi I just wanted to welcome you to the forum
I hope somebody comes along with good advise really soon
love Lu xxxx