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I don't know what I just did.



I don't really know what just happened..
I'm meant to be on a diet, and my girlfriend is trying to make sure I stick to it. I've been doing really well and then my mums boyfriend came home with some fried chicken and I had one piece and then felt really bad so I told her.
She started shouting at me, saying that I'd fucked up and that now she wasn't going to eat her dinner as punishment and that I'm not going to loose weight and that that one piece was worse than two sandwiches and a packet of crisps. She said a lot of horrible things and it made me feel really weird, I started crying and felt the urge suddenly to go make myself sick, I did and now I really feel against eating anything else.
Please tell me this isn't the start of some form of eating disorder?


Hi Hannah,

Your girlfriend's reaction was inappropriate. It sounds like she has an unhealthy attitude to food, she should never inflict that onto you. And she definitely shouldn't make threats to go hungry because of your actions, that was cruel and unfair of her. It is her decision whether she skips meals NOT yours.
Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea going on a diet with her looking over you. Especially seeing as it affected you in that way.

Lots of exercise and healthy balanced meals are the best ways to lose weight, and eating the odd piece of junk food should never be something to punish yourself for. Eating keeps us alive and healthy. It should be enjoyable, not surrounded by misery.

The fact that you made yourself sick doesn't have to be the start of any eating disorder, if it is not continued. It's not worth it.

Best of luck :)

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Dec 6, 2009
That is awful! She should be encouraging you, not running you down! If you are putting in an effort, small slip ups are not a big deal. It's great that you want to eat more healthy but its hard just jumping in to something like that, especially when you then have someone bringing around food like that and eating it infront of you.

Can I suggest doing a few small things like changing milk and cheese to reduced fat ones and for when you are craving sweets having something like the weight watchers muffins or something in the house. Dieting doesn't work if you completely deny yourself anything. Personally I think the trick is to gradually improve. It's like taking a ball off a kid, they suddenly want it more because they know they can't have it. I've been improving my eating habits lately, for instance, craving a pizza big time. So instead of ordering one from the local pizza store, i got a tortilla, some ham, reduced fat cheese and fresh veges (eg, capsicum, mushrooms, onion, etc) and some salsa and made myself one. It was pizza-ish enough to sate the cravings and a lot healthier (and cheaper!) than buying one :)

The point is, if you just deny yourself and are made to feel guilty any time you slip up then it becomes a bad experience. If its a bad experience then how long are you going to be able to stick to it? If your girlfriend had any sense she would realize she's doing more damage than good by being so cruel to you. Also find something fun to do that will also pass as exercise. Maybe you and your girlfriend could start dancing classes together or something?

Don't let it turn into an eating disorder please, its not healthy!

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