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I don't care about people anymore is it normal?



New member
Jan 23, 2020
Saudi Arabia
Hello, I'm 29 years old, I have been struggling with leaving job and starting a new business, nagging family( mostly about my business), negative friends, and some other things for the past 2-3 years.
My family always nagging about me leaving my good job and starting my own business (my dream).
My friends are very nice good people but they always negative, most of them unemployed, criticizing my business, and just not doing anything.
There were many things going on till i reached a boiling point with the beginning of last year(2019) when i fed up with everything.
I started to not care about anyone or anything except my family and 2 supportive friends that were always there for me when i needed help, I don't care if people are dying, i don't care about random people or groups opinions or discussions, i don't care if the moon is falling, i don't care about anything outside my close circle of friends and family anymore.
I have cut off 96% of my friends and now have 3 friends only that i care about and they care about me.
I still enjoy my hobbies and doing my daily normal life (running my business, meeting friends, etc) other than that i don't care about anything else.
I don't know if this a form of depression or I'm growing up or what is this.
So please tell me about your opinions about if this right or not or if this normal or if i need help.
Thank you


Jan 23, 2020
hello! I think it is completely normal and actually very good that you have decided to cut out people who didn't make you any good. if it is bothering and worrying you, maybe you should look into it. I think it's great to cut out toxic people but that doesn't mean you that you don't have to care. You can have friends, family, colleagues that are supportive and also honest with the good and the bad (contrastive criticism) and forget about people who you simply don't want around you. I would say, don't worry about thinking you don't care, maybe you just don't care about them or maybe it´s a time you need until you go back to caring. sorry if this didn't help at all