I don’t know what to do



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Feb 10, 2019
I am so lost
My fiancé of 15 years Who has been the most amazing partner, dad and loved me so much every day has cheated and left me,

We have been together since we were kids and we have 2 children, a house and dogs

I feel like my life is over I can’t deal with this life without him

I feel trapped on this earth because I keep thinking about my children’s lives without me

But I don’t want to be here

We have spent less than 2 weeks apart in 15 years
We were obsessed with each other and lived in each other’s pockets

He doesn’t want to come back, he become low and now he has no feeling other than guilt

He is around because he thinks I will hurt myself

He feels trapped for being around me
And I feel trapped because I don’t want to be
Around me either

I am crying all day every day I put my whole life into him for so long

I can’t see my life getting better

I can’t see my life going anywhere now

I am just lost and afraid of my mind
Especially in the night time, I just have urges

I am a failure and I am selfish and an embarrassment and a joke

And his work friends encourage him to be with someone new because they’re happy with their second wife

We were planning our wedding it all came from nowhere I just want to die


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Jan 23, 2019
I'm so sorry to hear that, I've never experienced that myself.

I find this site really helpful, not sure what else to say.

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