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I don’t even know anymore



I originally suffer from Health Anxiety, but in recent months it’s got much worse and I’ve developed symptoms of Agoraphobia. It started off when I would get the bus to work and I would have panic attacks on the bus, then I was laid off from my job due to it only being a temporary position. I carried on going out like normal, but I was getting panic attacks every single time I was out. I could never relax when I was out, I was permanently on edge just waiting for my next panic attack to come. Then I would freak out and I did stop going out. Even walking to the shops, before I even go I KNOW I will have a panic attack. I think a lot of it is that I’m bringing the panic attacks on myself, because I’m so used to having them when I’m out I just expect them...

The thing is, last year I applied for a job and was out on a waiting list. A few weeks ago I was told that I was successful and they want to offer me a position. That is due to start next month and I don’t want to let it go, but I’m really scared because of my Anxiety and symptoms. I should be more specific, the symptoms I get are panic attacks, head pressure, feeling lightheaded/faint and my eyes go all funny. I don’t know what’s best to do. Do I let this job go, or throw myself in to it? It really is an amazing job. I just know how much of a worrier I am and how I overthink every little sensation.

I’m currently on 100mg Sertraline that is doing nothing at all 😕 has anyone been through similar? TIA x


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2017
my advice is, sertraline is not helping you with regards to anxiety, so you should try something else

i find the current meds i am on to be excellent for anxiety, i am taking 150mg of venlafaxine, which is good for my depression and anxiety, but i also take 300mg of pregabalin as i found that the venlafaxine 'almost' got rid of my anxiety, but not quite all of it, so pregabalin was added and that has been totally amazing for anxiety

regarding the job you mentioned, if you think about it, the only issue here for you regarding the job and if you should take it, or will be ok, is your anxiety. so it's obvious that what you need to do is defeat that anxiety. i know there are other things people say about ridding anxiety such as diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and so on. i suppose it all depends on how much time you have to try all those things and if you can live with the anxiety in the meantime. if you feel you want to get on top of this quickly though, i would recommend getting on meds which are effective. for you it sounds like sertraline is not that med, so there isn't much point wasting any more time with it, it seems

another option for you would be beta blockers. you could discuss all of this with your doctor or therapist perhaps?


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
Maybe you could look for some breathing and relaxation techniques to have when you start to feel panicked
U can find them on utube
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