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I deserve to be lonely



Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
I have been sitting here...

falling apart ....

I have desperate memories of her...

there is no possibility that she will ever assist me in the way that will make things right!

it's not fair.

I am not a bad person!

I am someone who cares.

.it's almost impossible to survive dying the death of someone who did their best to survive..

...I love her...and it might kill me


Jan 2, 2015
you need to remain strong, regain an element of focus, go back to the drawing board, clear your mind..

out of a negative you will always find a positive and the answers are inside your heart and mind, you have to search deep down in your soul for them without any outside influence, you and only you.. answers clarity and peace will never be found on the surface of emotion and desperation...

every time your mind wanders on to said issue, name as many countries in your mind as possible or think about 7 different things one after the other and continue to do this every time.... the mind can only think about 7 things at any one time before it comes back , keep to a plan in your mind and train yourself till emotionally able to cope with thoughts and emotions.... even in theory what do you lose if you give it a whirl