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I can't overcome my phonophobia(fear of loud sounds) no matter what



Feb 8, 2019
i've had this since i was a child, it's a phobia i've grown up with and i could never overcome it.
i'm 24 and i still suffer with this and makes me look ridiculous imo, because everyone else is fine
by those sounds, but they somehow feel very loud and scary for me. like i could literally become deaf and gives
me a headache.
people say to embrace your fears, but my instinct is stronger because i know i'll get scared
it's something i can't control, it's like my body goes into automatic mode
the worse are thunderstorms because i can't really avoid those and sometimes i feel like
i'll get an heart attack or something. i keep checking the weather if i see the sky too dark
and i start getting nervous as hell...

I know some dogs are also afraid of those sounds, and i am the same
any people that has the same phobia that has overcome this?
Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

Well-known member
Mar 11, 2020
somewhere out there
I have autism and had severely hypersensitive hearing as a child. I only got relief when I experienced hearing loss thought to be due to a change in medication, though now I think it was conversion disorder.

I still have some hearing difficulties though not as bad as back then. I've still got my hearing aids though and use them to block sounds outdoors so I don't get too much 'sensory overload'.

Do the sounds you don't like make you feel very angry? (misophona)

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