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I can't deal with this



Aug 29, 2019
Work is horific there is only one person i can comfortably talk to without putting on a front or wanting run away and hide. I how what they think of me they think im useless and have no business being in the job i'm in i can't do this it it pointless . I cant handle anythig going wrong cause then i have to talk to someone and tell them. When that happen i feel terified like my heart is racing and i can't breath. Yet the stupid thing is i know I'm not going to bet in trouble because i'm only a first year apprentice yet the idea that i have to talk to these people and confirm there belief that i am useless is horrific i hate it.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
n yeah, wow, I would feel like that in a job
actually I'm quite competent in some ways
but I'm not able to work because of these social issues

there are supposed to be initiatives going on
to support people in work with mental health issues
I dont know if any of these plans have manifested
but I have seen petitions about it on Change.org

if you ask your GP or the job centre for some support
they wont tell your employer
and may be able to tell you whether your employer
is open to helping out with these things

💜 🧡 💜