I cannot continue my relationship with my girlfriend due to severe depression and anxiety



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Feb 22, 2019
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Hope everyone is okay, I'm 25 and really need some strong advice... so yeah the title...I've been with my girlfriend since December 2017 and I love her to bits.

After 6 years of covering, hiding, suffering with my severe anxiety and depression I finally wanted to do something about it after 3/4 attempted suicide's, lots of self harming and extremely dark thoughts within the past year (July 2018)

She has brought me out the dark a lot, loves me so much, actually cares, listens and respect's me more than I ever have been in my life. Recently however in the last 2 months we have done nothing but cry, argue and have the lowest moods almost on a daily basis and it's destroying me

I'm currently in CBT and looking to improve, these arguments, harsh opinions, wanting me change asap and overall sometimes not caring or believing I'm suffering is affecting my progress, my return to work after 6 months off and overall my mental health.

Yesterday after yet another pointless arguments which ended her stating our relationship wouldn't last till the end of the week, with my attitude, behaviour and mood....I snapped, I left the house at midnight, self harmed to just cause as much damage as I could as I completely lost it. I then was seconds away from taking my own life for the first time in months and if it wasn't for a random driver I'd be dead right now.

At the time when I wanted to end, I didn't think of her, care what she thought or anything, I was sad knowing my mum would be devastated and my son would grow up with out a loving dad.

Over the weeks before this incident I've discovered that she also self harms and has been for months and months of us being together due to the arguments we've been having.

I've come to decision after a week or so that I want finish everything between us, I've moved out my mum's to hers with all my stuff here, I'm unhappy, sad, anxious, scared and my mental health is plumiting down at the moment due to all of this!

I tried to explain this to her last night after I came home from work, showing her my hands, going through the suicide attempt and trying to get to understand, this isn't healthy for us both, we both need help, I need space and time to evolve and repair.

I was met with floods of tears, she shouted don't you do this to me, why are you doing this etc..I felt horrible doing it, I'm worried for my safety but I think for the first time in my life I need to sort myself out and get better

She doesn't want to go on a break as there's no point, it's either go or stay! I'm scared of what she might do when I'm gone

I'm frightened of moving out, emotions and everything. I don't think I can do it on the phone s

Please help, dont think I can carry on
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Ramson bangers

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Feb 1, 2019
Hi Sean
Its great you have a supportive girlfriend. Dont do anything irrational. It might seem that your problems are being ignored by your mental health team but they are also working to give you the best outcome. Its alot of pressure to deal with. Goodluck and thanks for sharing.