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I can’t stop thinking about one of my teachers



Mar 4, 2020
One teacher found out I got sick during AS year and kept staring at me after he found out because it was severely impacting my work. He usually makes everyone feel stupid and I have self esteem issues so it fuelled my depression, anyway after he found out he was complimenting the class and stopped making people feel dumb and I didn’t know he was looking at me but I shook my head at myself and he said “some of you don’t see yourself like that”, I looked up for a second and then he says “YOU’VE had some issues, and because of that, you feel like you’re going to fail everything. You’re not okay? See yourself like that” was I attention seeking when I didn’t even know he was looking? It’s like I made that about me and I wish I didn’t react. Does this mean my teacher still believed in me despite messing up so badly?

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