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I Can’t See the point in anything



Mar 7, 2012
Hi all.

I’m at a weird time in my life. I’m off work sick atm but I’m having trouble envisaging ever going’s back. I’m imagining what people at work will be saying about me, I’m already panicking about the traffic when I do go back (to be fair, it is busy)
I just can’t bring myself to get back into the routine of working and think I’m going to have to leave my job and go live in a cave somewhere.

I just can’t imagine doing anything again. I’m not suicidal, honestly, I just feel there’s no point or purpose to anything. What’s up with me? Male early 50’s.


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2017
if you are having these type of problems you should seek treatment for your depression. we all need some things which are important to us to keep us going, but when you can't find interest in anything anymore or purpose or point in anything then things all become bleak. so for example my job is not particularly good (ok if im honest it really sucks) so, i only work part-time and it is my hobbies and interests which keep me going, as well as my brother, and some close friends i have who i really like. if i lose interest in my hobbies, interests and friends etc, i know all that means is my depression has got bad so i look at the meds i am taking and adjust/change them etc until i am feeling better again. until you get your depression addressed it will be difficult to move forwards because everything you do, look at, think, etc is going to be tinted with 'depression coloured glasses'.
ps. if your job is really unbearable, consider leaving it.. but just be sure it is not your depression which is the problem rather than the job itself. (i suppose you could ask yourself, why you dont like your job, and has it always been that way?)


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Feb 3, 2019
California, USA
Hi John14,

Wow, it's like you took the words out of my mouth! I've recently told myself those same words. I'm gonna piggy back on frogsplash, and I absolutely believe that is critical that you seek help or in some way find a way to make yourself feel better. For me, I had a lot of negative self-talk that bombarded my head every moment of the day and that made living much harder. I've also felt that everything was pointless if no matter what I did, I was unhappy. Truly it's a hard cycle to break. I used to get jealous of people who had hobbies that they were passionate about and get lost in. And jealous of people could easily talk to others. I knew that no matter what I did externally, I would still be sad, so I started to look within myself and prod myself on what I truly needed to make myself be better. I had to be really honest with myself and my feelings. Please don't be afraid or embarrassed to seek help. There is a lot of stigma with mental illness, but that's because people don't understand. Any type of illness can affect us at any age. I wish the best for you! Please let me know how you're doing.