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I believe in telepathy but my father doesn't like me talking about it.



I have been talking about it with my friends and my Dad thinks they are just humoring me. It lowers my self confidence a lot.

I believe that the electronic waves emitted by the brain and picked up by EEG also affect human behavior, including our subconscious, and am interested in the idea. My boss and friends have engaged with me in discussion about it, I am not sure if they are just humoring me but i don't strongly feel that way.

I am very interested in the subject but i think it scares my Dad because I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and he is mostly prejudiced against the idea as not normal.

He talks a lot about normal....


Terrific, thank you so much. I have talked to a lot of doctors, hops and profs and many agree with me.


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Jun 16, 2017
Thought Recognition Technology will be the norm soon. It will be like predictive texting based on on browsing history and your preferences.

For a long time now they have been building a database matching images of things with brain wave activity using many different people to get a consistent result. The tech can recognize what you are thinking about and display an image. With AI help they will add sound and it will render a moving image of what you are thinking. One day soon we may be able to watch our dreams and or stream them live to the internet! Or record them for future study. We are less than five years away from video form with audio!

As for telepathy, the transmission of thoughts; I would say yes, although I would get shunned if I spoke about it openly. If our thoughts are just information zipping around in our brains, and if almost every house or neighbourhood has a wifi device whether at home or mobile. Then is it not conceivable that its happening due to the ocean of wifi signals that we walk through everyday? A wifi signal is a very high frequency that we can't hear in the Gigahertz range. But normally they a scientist would use a bowl shaped cup [like a small satellite dish] to focus the beam and then direct it to specific parts of the brain all non-invasively. There's a company called RESmed, they make all sorts of medical devices. One tech they have is a non-invasive sleep apnea device that you keep beside your bed and it monitors your brain and body functions while you sleep. The same tech could eventually be used to read minds and visualise it.

On a natural level, body language makes up 80% of all our communication, much of which we do automatically without thinking. Also our pheromones can communicate how we feel. This is seen by how plants and animals react to humans in certain situations. If a human is about to have a heart attack, a pet dog might start to act concerned and urgent. Plants are very sensitive to human emotion which can be transmitted by pheromones, which plants use normally between each other to communicate their needs to each other.

My question is though, are these non-verbal forms of communication considered telepathy? Or is it more like the thought reading tech? Transmitting as with an antenna?

The pineal gland seems to be that ... in humans its very small and inside our heads. But in some frogs the pineal extends out of the head from the top, to the outside world. It is a a photo receptor able to sense changes in atmospheric pressure. But as a photo receptor might it be able to receive information transmitted on an electromagnetic frequency? It's something many cultures have been practicing for centuries without knowing the science of it.

In my culture, the witch doctors of old times used ventrilloquism as a means of transmitting words across great distances. In Africa the Xhosa [click language people] can throw their voices several kilometers!

Apparently, when we think words in our minds, we are still activating the muscles of speech ever so slightly in micro twitches. One technology is being developed that reads your speech muscles at this level of sensitivity to know what you're thinking.

While daunting, it really is quite amazing what happening in science and technology at the moment!


I get so excited talking about telepathy, thank you so much! I love social neuroscience and neuroscience of, say, politics and groups. It will give us more insight into old questions such as whether there is free will or whether we are like carbon robots.

I definitely think we are like wifi.
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