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I assaulted a stranger when schizophrenic



Jul 9, 2013
I need to ask you guys this.

Years ago, when I was schizophrenic, I was being told by my voices (God speaks to me) that someone on a train I was travelling on was a satanist. I truly believed it. I truly believed he was a satanist. I swear on the Holy Bible on that. God (my voices) told me to spit in his face, to walk up to him and spit in his face. I believed he was a satanist and I swear on the Holy Bible on that.

Anyway, I went up to him on the train and spat in his face. He went mad. He approached me aggressively. The voices (God) commanded me to punch him (the satanist). When he approached me aggressively, I punched him a few times.

It all ended with me getting arrested by the police and put in a psychiatric hospital.

Now I tell you I truly did believe the guy was a satanist and I obeyed God in doing what I did. Needless to say I took a risk doing what I did. It was a packed city to city commuter train.

I was just wondering what have your experiences been in regards to obeying God, violence and schizophrenia. Has God ever asked you to do risky things.


Hi Karl,

That must have been very worrying all round.

I'm not schizophrenic but I noticed your unanswered post. Maybe other people who hear voices could answer you.

I became a little paranoid and suspicious for a while. Nothing to do with God, violence or schizophrenia but I remember feeling quite terrified and I acted on that fear to protect myself.



Well-known member
Jun 25, 2013
Hey Karl

I'm not schizophrenic either, I've had strong now known but not at the time false beliefs during phychosis and know all too well how real these experiences are.. but I have not had God speak to me, sorry I cannot answer your question, I can only say I thought my beliefs were strong enough to act on such as thinking cameras were hidden in the walls and searching for them.. and many more things... but not violence...