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I am really struggling with another type of anxiety and ocd.



New member
Mar 16, 2021
I am wondering if there's any1 out there in a similar place. I am really struggling with a lesser known form of anxiety and ocd.

It's called false memory ocd. I really struggle with false memories, like for example I went to fit a friend's cooker, and I had convinced myself that we had intercourse. She confirmed that we haven't but I have built it up in my head so much that I have built a whole scenario. That was an old scenario that I struggled with for a whole year.

Now I am.back in the same place as I had a text from this friend , I tried to remember the last time I had heard from her and I have now built another scenario in my head that I have met her and I don't know if somethings happened. Again my friend has told me we have not met in 1.5 years and nothing has ever happened between us. I dunno why I do this. I have got myself in such a mess.

There's been times that I have thought I have killed someone with my car and went to look to.look for notices from the police.

Any help or advice or any1 who has experienced similar would be fantastic. I just would like to know how to get past this.
00Bluejay7500 (was Scapes1986)

00Bluejay7500 (was Scapes1986)

Well-known member
Apr 10, 2020
My house
Sounds like you need some therapy about these issues. if they are bothering you enough you should talk to someone about them. They seem like real issues.

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