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I am really struggling right now.



Feb 19, 2020
I thought that I had moved on from self harming many years ago but just recently I have started doing it again, worse than any of the previous times.
I can't remember when it started again, it may have been before Christmas or just after. I wish I could go back and change it because it's like the first time just opened it up for me to do it again every time I can't cope.
I'm really struggling right now, today has bought more problems for me to deal with and I just can't cope with them on top of everything else.
I am so lonely, my relationship with my husband is really strained due to my mental health issues and I literally have no one to talk to.
I really, really don't want to end up turning to self harm again tonight (the evenings/nights are always when I am at my worst), but I know it's my only real coping mechanism. My husband is scared to go out on his night shift as he knows that's when it happens. I want to promise him I won't, but honestly, it's all that I've got. I feel so hopeless.


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Aug 14, 2018
Welcome to the forum WildPrimrose. I have only just come across your message, so I hope I am not too late.

Do you know why you are having to self-harm this time around - i.e., to let feelings out? to know what you and/or what you feel is real? to release the stress inside? to feel good at the time? nothing like any of these? a mix of things?

Probably not an easy question to deal with - but apart from feeling so hopeless - are you feeling helpless - or does the self-harm help yo get through the moment?


Feb 20, 2020
Is there any way that you can have someone else with you whilst your husband is out? Or video call with someone to try to talk about your emotions?
Sometimes when i get like this I end up just completely going on a venting fest on social media and havin a go at everyone. But, each to their own and I'm not advising you do that obviously

Is there anything that can take your attention away from these thoughts and focussed on something else? xx