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I am really saddened today


Celtic Class

Well-known member
Aug 25, 2012
to learn that a former colleague (SW - boo hiss as much as you like - I KNOW what I wrestle with each day. It's hard - we get little positive feedback - not like teachers, doctors, nurses - even though we stand your corner and argue the toss with eejits who have narrow minds).

I had a lovely colleague - the most gentle, dedicated perfectionist you could ever hope to meet. She is clearly unwell - not giving details, not appropriate. She was detained a few days ago.

Please remember her in your prayers tonight. She went above n beyond the call of Duty and now this. Gentle woman, dedicated to her work - it's more than 30 years since she was last ill - to this point anyway. I never knew she had MH issues. Really didn't.

I saw her in a corridor last week - with her partner - she looked awful. I could NOT step forward and hug her - but I wanted to. I really did.
Here's wishing her a swift recovery. I really don't like this for one of my own. I want to go to the Hospital and take her flowers - but I can't. It's shit. Come on P. you can pull back from this. Wee few tears dropping down.

Celtic Class

Well-known member
Aug 25, 2012
I think I will chance sending her a card and a wee note. I don't want her to be embarassed - but I do want her to know how much people think of her/want her better. But I'm not sure - I am a private person. Would I want the intrusion? probably not.


Well-known member
Jul 19, 2010
middle earth
That sounds like a good idea. She'll know you're thinking of her, which is lovely, but won't feel any pressure to respond, or put a face on if people went to visit. If it were me I'd appreciate a card- sounds like a good thing to do.
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