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I am New. I have had Major depress Disorder and anxiety for 15 years.I am on lots or of med and need people to talk to who understand.



Jan 25, 2021
I lived at the beach in Florida for many years but had to move back to a southern state 8 years ago. I am too ill to travel and the pandemic makes that impossible. I recently bought a picture of a beach that is just like the beach I miss so much. But every time I look at it I cry. Should I leave up or take it down and try to block that time from my mind? That is what I would usually do. I am very good a putting up wall to painful times and people in my mind. I learned to do it as a child and can still do it. But I love the beach and wish I could let it back in.


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Jul 31, 2020
Welcome to the forum. I can understand you missing that. Water is nice and calming and sunshine (not too much) is good for us.


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Jan 5, 2011
Hello and :welcome: to the forum. I understand major depression as i am diagnosed with bipolar and the depressions outweigh the highs by a lot. I am sorry you are suffering so much. I can't answer you on moving back as only you know if it would be right or feasible. I live next to the sea - but its freezing here in Britain - and its lovely to walk along the beach at times withmy two little granddaughters.


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Jun 16, 2020
Hi Katydid welcome to the forum :welcome:
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