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I am new here.

Jim Lahey

Jim Lahey

New member
Jan 3, 2019
New Hampshire
I have never used a forum like this before. I am a student living in New Hampshire. I have come here because about one year ago I made an attempt to end my life. I have made a tremendous amount of progress in only a years time alone and with professional help and by opening up to select friends. My objective here is to share my experiences with others who may have suffered similar situations as well as listen to others. This will hopefully be a therapeutic process for myself and any others I come in contact with.

Some things about myself:
-I am a biology major
-I love nature, hiking, camping, skiing, all outdoor activities
-I can play a bit of ukulele and I listen to instrumentals often. I have used the instrument as a way to express and control my emotions and I would recommend using music as a tool!
-I struggle with a disease that causes me to break out in painful hives when certain chemicals are released. I have many of the symptoms under control but this is a root of my problems. I break out when I sweat, get too hot, feel strong emotion, during sexual activity, eating spicy food.

Thank you to any that read my introduction!
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Jun 4, 2018
Hey, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story as im sure itll inspire hope in many..as much as its easy to bet brought down by events in life, it's amazing to see how much changes in a short space of time/how much we never would have had the opportunity to experience!


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Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Hi and welcome. Thanks for sharing a bit about your struggles with mental illness. I'm sure many can be inspired knowing how you've made the journey from staring into oblivion to being functional and even enjoying aspects of life.

Also, your desire to help others here is praiseworthy and I find throwing an arm around the shoulder of someone who is struggling can be both compassionate and therapeutic. Glad you decided to join us, I hope to read more of your posts!