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I am losing my mind!



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Feb 29, 2008
Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire.
Excuse me, but I need somebodies help. I recently made friends with a girl at my local 'drop in centre'. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I'm not sure what her diagnosis is. I woulden't ask anyway. At first she wanted to see me all the time and then she would get very ill/paranoid and then call me for help. Of course I would come running like a lovestruck idiot. I was happy to help her. She told me secrets and I respected them. But lately she has been saying things like don't ever phone me while my family is around, and never coming to me for help anymore. I really worry about her because she tends to hurt herself. I tried to offer support today because of a loss of a friend and she woulden't answer the door even though she was in and doing things, I texted her but she just said 'leave me alone' , all this after I helped her move from residential housing to supported where I live. I feel I have been used for getting her out of residential housing and then cast aside. Please someone help me, am I beeing paranoid or could I be too easy to walk over because it has happend before.
Thank you for your patience.


People use other people for all kinds of different reasons. It's not nice, it's hurtful but unfortunately we don't have control over people. However, if she's said that she doesn't want you to phone her whilst her family is around perhaps they're not happy about her having a relationship at the moment.

Respect her wishes, which I'm sure you will do and remember that this sort of thing happens to most people at some time.

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