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I am here to save the baby.



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
The kid we used to be when we were all our most powerful.

The kid we forget when we make the mistake of growing up.

Remember that kid. And most importantly take care of that kid.

That is the true you.

As kids we were fearless.

I am getting ready to sleep. I had a perfect day today. I love spending time with my wife and my children and our family.

Business was excellent today.

I am mentally preparing myself for rest. My episodes have been developing during my sleep time. Its been three days.

Today. I have to power through. Not break night. And return to my normal sleep pattern.

I know how valuable sleep is to my mental limitations.

I know that this is how our condition attacks the brain.

I have to overcome it

Tomorrow I have a super important day. I have to get great rest to make the best decisions tomorrow.

For the future of my businesses. My children and my family. I have to make getting ample sleep my number one priority.

I an fearless as my 5th grade self.

Ground control... This is Major Thompson.

Commencing count down... Engines on...

3. .... 2... 1.... Bravo... We have lift off. ...

Sleep orbit in T minus 1 second..

Going to sleep in the lunar module.... Docking the international sleep station...

Good night....


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Same here i wouldnt want to go back. Maybe late teen early twenties were good years for me