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I am feeling incredibly flipping lonely



I have just had to give up a voluntary job due to anxiety and voices. Had a heck of a lot going on in the family and also with a few friends. I have been dealing with it all and listening to everyone, but getting extreme anxiety when I am going out and not being able to relax even with close family or friends.

Live on my own and am struggling a bit. Normally over the last few months I have been fine but so much going on my anxiety has gone up quite a few notches. There has also been a couple of reminders from the past which I really could have done without at this time.

Decided to call the therapist, perhaps shouldn't have because that got me wound up even more and made me feel even more insignificant.

Feel a bit feeble that I am a 44 year old man who can't even do the simplest voluntary job, can't cope around people and get anxiety every time I go out. Thought all that was in the past, but it has just crept up on me. Beginning to feel that the only place I can relax is at home alone.

Just needed to say that. Thanks for listening.




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Apr 13, 2011
Hi ranger, just saw you replied to my post. Thanks for responding. It helps to know someone out there knows how you may be feeling!!

Sorry you feel so low. Has therapy helped you in the past? Are you getting help from the docs at all?


May 23, 2011
Don't beat yourself up, ranger. Anxiety is a crippling problem and has a knack of disabling our ability to function. I had to give up my job last year because the way customers and staff treated me always made me feel so much worse about my ability to cope in public and social situations.

You're not alone with this, trust me.


Anxiety is very difficult at times but I manage. I always generally try to put myself out there. Had a bit going on too, so will chill tomorrow at home.

Thanks both for your replies.:)
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