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I am afraid my crush will notice my anxiety!!



New member
Oct 3, 2018
Hello everyone , As someone who suffers from moderate social anxiety , my dating life is non existent .
I met a guy who was my girlfriend”s friend 6 years ago ( also he was with me at school but I never noticed him)
The day we went out that was the only time we interacted in . He moved in to another country after we met and ever since that day we texted a few times online ,
He reached out to me when my mom passed away and offered help.
I developed a crush on that guy the day I met him , And right now I am in the same city as his !!!
I can text him and arrange a meet up but I am so afraid of being judged
I am more likeable through texting
In reality I am awkward and maybe boring.. I dont want to loose the possibility of us being friends but I cant get over my anxiety and how I will be perceived .I am afraid he might hate me or sth after all its been too long ...
Sorry for writing that long
But I need to take a decision as I dont have many days in this city...


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum
I hope you do go and have a lovely time. I'm sure he won't notice your anxiety.
Good luck