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I am a lonely person



New member
Jul 6, 2016
I hope you are feelin' good and happy, if you don't, then just message me. :love:

My name is Maria (Mary, Mariah, Marya, it depends)
I was always a happy and social person.I hardly cry, and if I do, it's probably just 5 times in a year, I could say that I'm strong and have a stone heart, but I also don't take things so serious and end up laughing at my problems and struggles instead of getting down, that's one of the reason my mother think I'm cold.

I talk to everyone in my school, EVERYONE.I really think I'm adored and loved by them all, but in the end of the day, when I get out of school, they don't tell me "Bye", they don't tell goodnight or ask me if I'm okay, you know, they are that typical "School Superficial Friends".

The problem is, just now that I'm seeing how lonely I am.

To be worse, I don't have a healthy friendship with my mother, we fight EVERYDAY.
She likes me, may loves me (as she says), but I don't love her, the more far I get from her, the better.No, I don't hate my mother, but she is so toxic that makes all my positivy about my body, life and myself just evaporate.

I have no one to tell my secrets, share moments, talk to all night long.I just want someone to care about me, because I will care about this person, I will love this person with all my heart.

From now on, I'm not gonna talk to the whole school and make funny things to make them laugh as I'm used to, just gonna sit, study, and leave, talking to no one until the end of it.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015
Hi :welcome:

I hope the forum helps!

All good wishes to you..

Unique xx
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