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I almost counted myself out. But why?



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
The important parts... Are in the important parts...

So..Amazing weekend.

Vacation with my family. Cool activities. So far. So good.... But.... Ayayay...

Negative , extended family members. Spitting venom.... Meanwhile. The children are happy..

My concern and my number one priority.

The elders in the family are under neglect. While the adults compete against each other to see who can hurt the others the most...


All toxic.

I am putting out fires. Left and right..keeping the peace. Concerned about the children.

I honestly hate being in those situations. But family.... Jesus... I have to deal with them several times each year. Like birthdays etc...

Christ..please give me the strength..

I fall into the drama motions myself... I am analyzing my self. Plus all of the situations around me etc. I have my feelings reserved.

I am upset. I am providing free mental health. I am waving the family flag of unity. I am teaching them yoga and religion principles...

Nothing is working.

Eventually. I disconnect. I tune out. Focus on the kids etc.

Finally. Peace of mind. Or so I think.

Lifestyle and business comes up. I have promised myself. "Everybody under contract". Family pays double! And no business advice for free#

But. I may still give a little hint of direction. Of financial inspiration per say.

I realize. Very quickly. That I am speaking Japanese to a Chinese person....

Success leaves clues. Success is extremely hard. There are no short cuts.

Success is hard work.

I work my @$! off each and every day. 24/7 non stop. Even at a family event. I check on my businesses.

My mind. Is always on business.

Still. I am human. And a very very religious man of faith. I have feelings too...

And my beautiful hart. I must protect. At all times.

Each day. Presented a new challenge.

I was utterly upset. Drained of cosmic energy. Frustrated etc.

I opened a new business venture recently. I made the mistake to share it with some family members. I regret it already. ...

They can't understand it. How during these times. My businesses are successful.

They can not see or even imagine the last 26 years or so. I have been building my net worth. I still have goals that are 25 years out.

I am driven by all of my clearly defined goals until this day.

The first 20+ years. It was trial and error. But it was all worth it.

The last three years. I have become an official Jedi Master, of finances.

This is the point of no return.

Well. I was very upset. Especially yesterday.

Today. I did a super fun safari adventure with my family in a military humvee.


Mind you. I grew up dirt poor. Had nothing in my life until past age 30+.


But. It has kept me humble and closer to God. So I appreciate everything. Even a cup of water.

Today. Everything was better. Much better.

But I realized something sinister.

Through out this drama. Self imposed because I was in the midst of this nonsense. ... I almost closed the doors to my newest business. ... Out of anger!!!!



Because I was around a bunch of morons...than under no other circumstances..would I ever surround myself with... And I went out of my way to be nice to them!!! As always... And for what?

Those people. Will never accept me. Those people will never be more than my wife's relatives.

@$!# them.

I was willing to let them infuriate me into throwing a perfectly good business venture because the devil, used them to purposely hurt my business.

@$!# that.

Honestly. I was to order the uniforms tomorrow. And I was going to throw it all away?

I would loose twice if I allowed them, the opportunity to defeat myself!

No. Means. No.

As a genius. With all these amazing natural abilities. Dealing with mental limitations is already hard enough.

To deal with my family. My children. My responsibilities. And my future. Is enough.

My home life. My business investments is enough.... To then open the doors of my heart...for these life vampires... To cause me harm?

Not. On any day.

Not as long as I am alive. .

I realized myself. What drove me to the point of... Counting myself out...

I see how mental limitations work and assemble.

The broken chip in my armor. Was not the events of the environment. But my interpretation of it.

A ha!


Once I realized... I was turning away from my newest business... I took control!

I said to myself... Good will come from this.

I will maintain emotional distance from this point forward.

Number 2.

I will proceed with my business.

And finally. These people got the last penny from me.

The money means nothing. But I will not reward toxic behaviors.

From now on. Zero business. Zero anything. Past...

What kind of beer do you want?

My response from now on....

"An open one"!

No more...what do you think about the economy?

I don't know? How many beers are left?

Man. I have been saved!

Tomorrow morning.. I am ordering all new uniforms for my staff...

@$!# fake family. And especially @$!# fake friends.

That is what I live by now.

Everyone will not accept me. Everybody will not understand me. So @$!# it.

I don't care anymore - Phil Collins.

I plan to keep my headphones on around these beings of emotional destruction.

They are pure evil.

People like that...do not belong in my life.

For 2021. I will have mastered the art of @$!# you.

I am making shirts!

Seriously. I had to re learn how evil some people can be....

Best to stay away from crabs!!!

People like that. Will never be a part of my life. And they should never be a part of yours.

We have the right to cut them off. We have the right to be happy. We have the power to say @$!# you.

I declare @$!# you to them; permanently. Effective immediately.

Please join me.

Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

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Mar 19, 2019
Just popped in to say I love your posts, Mandalorian. :) Nothing more liberating than a hearty “Cluck you” every now and again!

Keep writing!

Sending lots of love your way. X