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I’m worried about my brother



New member
May 9, 2021
United States
My brother is 12 years old. He is pretty closed off and handles his emotions with dark humor. I wouldn’t really worry cause most of us that age do that. But we have really thin walls and I can hear him telling his friend how depressed he is and how everyone hates him. I’ve tried my best to be there for him but he hardly opens up. He’s acted out, disobeyed, and lied since he was little. So my parents are harder on him then our other siblings. Idk what to do to help him. I’m worried he may look to self harm or drugs


Well-known member
Mar 29, 2021
You need to go with him to the doc. You are a good brother. He has obvious mental problems


Well-known member
Aug 12, 2020
Welcome to the forum! He should get help from a Dr for depression. He definitely needs to talk to someone about how he's feeling. I hope he gets the help he needs.


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2021
Hello and Welcome. Does your brother's school have a school counselor? Maybe talking to the counselor might be helpful for you and your brother.
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