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I’m suicidal and my therapist, she won’t hug me and it’s all that I need



Well-known member
Apr 10, 2015
I feel close to my T, and I’m struggling to want to carry on, my family is across the country and I live alone, my pet died in November.

I’ve been seeing my T for over a year now but I think I’m over it. Over trying to live a life I can’t deal with. I don’t want to live anymore and all I want is a hug from her. I feel like a bad person wanting a hug from my t when I know she doesn’t do hugs but I can’t help what I need deep down.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
some of them are not allowed to hug their clients
they could lose their jobs over it

its also ok to feel what you feel
breathe and feel it and describe how it feels
can you ask about possibly some group therapy ?
I have found some of my peers in groups
develop friendships and will offer hugs

ask for hugs here, I find they are pretty good
tiding me over until my next hug !

:hug5: :loveshower:💜