I’m autistic – don’t let anti-vaxxers bring back the culture of fear



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Mar 23, 2009
Posted by Karl Knights August 23rd 2018

Instead of embracing the possibilities of neurodiversity, far-right voices are again painting autism as a devastating curse.

Whether one just has autistic traits or meet a full diagnosis it is a source of strengths and difficulties.
The idea should be to acknowledge and encourage the strengths while providing help and support for the difficulties.
There needs to be a recognition that not all people on the spectrum are the same and approaches tailored accordingly.


I don't understand the logic behind not vaccinating your child, I had a debate with someone recently about it, the only "argument" she used was "parents have the right to do what they want" kind of thing

if autism is the worst possible outcome of vaccinations then I'm willing to take it, I'd rather have a child with autism than a child that dies by the age of 5 because of my decision to not vaccinate. Which would be more traumatising?
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