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hypomania and mixed mood symptoms



Jun 21, 2009

I have read through every website i can find over the last few days, but i'd rather hear from Bipolar/cyclothymia suffers. Can people please tell me there symptoms of hypomania and if you have them mixed moods. Thank you! x


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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Hello there,
I suffer terribly with mixed moods. Personally, sometimes I can't tell the difference between a mixed mood and rapid cycling. Mixed episodes are extremely difficult for me to deal with. I have hypomanic episodes and manic episodes regularly. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2005 - although had been diagnosed with cyclothymia and Bipolar in the states by two different Pdocs. I have not really been stable since 2005 - a few weeks at most.

I am not sure I can tell you all my symptoms for these things _ Gosh, I would be all day as there are so many. Is there anything specific you want to know?
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Jun 21, 2009
I'm not really sure, i just wanted to know what sort of symptoms people have, especially when going through a mixed mood.
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