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hypocrites aside, i like your two faces--an original



*Dedicated to a very special woman.*

a vacuum of self suffering

an abyss of wanderers blow me a death smeared kiss

a facade of fake smiles and hapless tears

beneath my pale existence looms a fear so profound

from dust i came to dust i return

owning a new found determination to decide

a fork in the road

a highway of instability and self doubt

impervious to the glimmers of hope in your eyes

sing to me

you are everything i once was

show me how to live

lightning strikes a heart so distant

thunder creeps in my chest

im a dancing demon

you're an accidental angel

even flow of disastrous disease

all encompassing cess pool of drama

the shepherd is the wolf in sheep's clothing

maybe it's over

just maybe you'll leave me alone

if eyes are the windows to the soul

yours are planets of potential

your heart beats safer with me

draw another dangerous breath of uncertainty

it's all ok right?


Well-known member
Jun 26, 2013
Wowwww, that is mindblowing stuff, not only are you good looking but talented as well!


I wrote this for someone I loved once. Will probably regret it but thought i'd share.....

Sail away upon my river
Rest your trust upon my shore
Drape your hope over my branches
Dive to my ocean floor

I'll fill your garden with fresh vision
Meet you by the wishing tree
Climb your ivy prison
Set your wild flowers free

Calm the storms that rage inside you
Stop the lightening bolts that fall
Catch the moonlight to guide you
Climb beyond your garden wall

And if when your desert sands have settled
A crack divides our forest floor
And the rose that sheds its petals
Sheds them for me no more

I'll wash my rivers fresh with waters
Count the time in grains of sand
Bring the winter to my autumns
And return to the land