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Well-known member
Sep 8, 2017
Am I the only one that absolutely hates Hypocrisy above all else?

One of my hobbies is collecting cards; I understand that in TCGs (Trading Card Games) Players are the companies main focus (the company licensing/making the cards) but there are these players that absolutely hate collectors

I hate some of the players for complaining about the cards they cant afford, but being unwilling to actually put forward the work to be able to get them

I pointed out how to me this makes no sense; somebody says "oh I want "Blank Card" but it's too expensive I cant afford it"

At that point you think if people cant afford it; they should either work towards getting it, or accept it is outside of their budget and move on

Instead they keep complaining and hoping for a reprint

This bothers me because #1 they claim they want something SOOOOO BADLY, but when it comes to doing something about it, they complain and wait and hope for a reprint (which shouldnt happen because those cards arent supposed to be easy to get or cheap, otherwise why make them that rare in the 1st place?)

2. Why cant they accept reality as it is; if they are unwilling to do anything to actually move towards their goals, they simply wont have the things they claim to want

If I want anything it doesn't do any good to ask for it, it doesn't do any good to complain

The only way I get the nice things I want is through hard work, nobody buys anything (of significant value) for me, I dont get handouts, so why should people expect me to give handouts?

Why should I work 60-70 hour weeks, buy something, and then somebody too lazy to actually work to get it can just wait and complain and a reprint happens and they spend 10% of what it used to cost?

That makes no sense at all, that isn't doing anybody any real favors (people think it does, but it doesn't teach any valuable lessons, all it does is reward cheapness and laziness)

It is essentially giving a handout to cheap or lazy players, while spitting in the face of collectors that probably spend 5-20 times what the average players spend, and then turns around and sells all of their cheaper unnecessary things, which floods the market and gives players access to cheaper cards that form the backbone of their decks

I also have a very Hypocritical Grandma that acts like she is such a good Christian; but she is racist, homophobic, and charges me as much or more than Uber or Lyft to take me anywhere

One of these days I am gonna stop biting my tongue and tell everyone what I think of them, I might end up getting yelled at by somebody over it; but I feel like people need to be called out on their BS otherwise they act like they are so great and know everything, and somebody needs to give them a reality check


Well-known member
Jun 26, 2014
Avenue Q in the US
The woman that verbally and emotionally abused me was huge on forcing me to take responsibility for anything I did and to never ever lie despite her never accepting responsibility for her actions and using me as her own personal scapegoat and also telling people lies about things that I did to make herself look like the victim and to help her image.