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hypocondria/cardiophobia... need help :\



New member
Nov 25, 2014
Hi everyone!

I'm a 26 years old male from Canada suffering from Cardiophobia, OCD and Hypocondria since my young age.

- My family have no heart disease history (on both side.)
- I do not smoke but i do drink (1-2 times a week)
- I'm not necessarly the most active person right now (i used to be but since the last 6-10 months, i've been pretty inactive and stressed with work)
- I am 5'11, 85kg. (A bit overweight, specially in the stomach area)


Ever since i was 16, i've had panick attack with the same symptoms (rapid heartbeat, feeling i was gonna die, feeling i was going crazy, etc.) but recently (around 9 months ago) i've had something that really scared the sh*t out of me and it was the first time ever. I was walking outside to go see my friend at bus station and all of a sudden, my heart started to race (around 150-170 i guess) but this wasn't the problem since i was used to that but this time, it came with irregular heartbeat (beating very fast and really really randomly, just like a-fib i guess... but then i went right away to hospital and everything was normal (had bloodtest and cardiogram test). The cardiologist told me that i should try to seek help from psychologist and then i left his room. I then go back inside again because i wanted to know if it was possible for him to prescribe me Ativan for my anxiety panick attack and he then gave it to me along with betablockants (he say it would help if it reappear.)

Then 3 weeks after, i started to have chest pain so i went to hospital again and this time, i had a x-ray done along with a cardiogram test and once again, everything was normal. The nurse still schedule me an appointment with the same cardiologist to make sure (and probably to re-assure me) the next morning (i went to ER at about 2:30 am...)

Then the next morning, i told the cardiologist about the pain and he made me have a cardiogram (i mistakely told him that i didn't had one the night before). Then when the result came he told me that some heartbeat were abnormal (he described them as 'Q') and said that it could lead to something serious so he had to do 2 more tests to make sure (stress test and electrocardiogram).

Then once i've finished the two other tests, not only did he said that everything was normal but he was surprised with some of the numbers... He said that everything is fine and it's caused by anxiety and even told me to not take the medication he gave me (betablockants) and to just do more sports and stress less and it would go away...

But my questions are these:

1) Never at anytime did i feel palpitations during my test (x-ray, blood test, cardiogram, ecg, stress test) could he have had missed something? because what i had when i was walking was REALLY scary and i never had that again but i have a big feeling it's atrial fibrilation (heart was beating very fast and totally irregular with no other symptoms...) Should i ask for an holter?

2) He said that my stress test was good, even above average but on the paper it said that the test stopped after 7 minutes due to 'dyspnea' but i was feeling fine.. what does thhat mean?

3) He didn't take much time reviewing my results with me so i would like to know if anyone here is good or can help me to interpret the results of my reading please? (i've included the pictures of it)

P.S: Below is the numbers of the echocardiographic report:

AOS: 29 cm
LAD: 28 cm
IVS D: 7 - 11 cm
LVID d: 52 - 46 cm
LVPw d: 7 - 11 cm
IVS s: 15 - 16 cm
LVID s: 31 - 27 cm
LVPW s: 12 - 16 cm
FS: 41 % (25-44)
ESV: 41 (27-95)
EF: 71 - 76 % (50-80)

Thanks all!




Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hello Mathieu and :welcome: to the forum. Strong anxiety can cause all those symptoms and it commonly does do that. We can subjectively feel our heart is arrhythmic, but in fact it isn't. I know you are scared, but I honestly would believe the results and the docs opinions. Chest pain is also common when we are highly anxious. The Q wave etc is also common. I'm sure others will be along to confirm this.

Anxiety releases the fight or flight hormones, which trigger the panic feelings we get. They are there to make us run away or fight if we can't. Increased heart and more oxygen to the body. But if there isn't anything there, then it turns into panic, and we can't understand why we are like this. Dyspnea is shortness of breath - well more than that, over breathing. Sometimes we are so used to feelings of anxiety, we don't even realise it.

May I suggest you look into the causes. Anxiety is a symptom, and its telling you something. I would suggest that therapy can really, really help here. Maybe a short course of meds to alleviate it too. Diazepam is commonly given, but beta blockers are not addictive, and might be good too. Just enough so you get some respite and can be calm enough to look at your reasons. It won't be something superficial, I suspect, but it can be dealt with.


New member
Nov 25, 2014

First of all, thanks alot for the answer Calypso, it's greatly appreciated.

You seems to know what Q wave are, unlike everyone else i've spoken with (they had no idea what that meant)

Can you tell me what you know about them? This is what appeared on my EKG before my 2 others normal tests.

I also tend to believe it's anxiety related (I'm a really big nervous/cardiophobic person).

One of the problem that make me feel scared to is that when i masturbate or lift weights, i have those crazy irregular heartbeats and i'm really wondering what this could be (It doesn't do it when i run or do bicycle though, only lift weights and masturbation..) ... Could this be a fib? arhytmia? bad breathing? or even just Anxiety or fear thoughts that's making my heart skip beat and beat fast irregulary?

As for the betablockants, my cardiologist told me after all my test to not take the medication he gave me (betablockants and ativan) that i don't need them. He told me to simply do more sports and relax and it's gonna be fine. But it's hard when you try to lift weights and your heart beat irregulary fast and slow :\

Thanks you once again!


Steven king

New member
Mar 4, 2019
I m new to this forum. I think i m suffering from cardiophobia. Any suggestions on how to mitigate it. Steven


Mar 10, 2019
New Mexico
Hi all, I am from the USA and I’ve had what I think is Cardiophobia on and off for 12 years. It’s triggered by anxiety. Once when I was in high school, then once or twice in college, through most of my pregnancy, and now. What makes me feel better is going in to see the cardiologist and getting an ekg. I’ve had the echo and other tests before. If the tests came back normal, you are fine. If there was anything even remotely wrong, the doctor would have sent you to the hospital for further tests. If this doesn’t reassure you, get out there and exercise. If you really had a heart problem, you’d likely be much worse off by now. If none of that helps, get some meds. Don’t let anxiety steal your time.
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