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Hypochondriac? Health anxiety?



New member
Jul 10, 2017
I was diagnosed with GAD and depression back in February. I was prescribed Zoloft which cause panic attacks(probably my fault for obsessively researching the medication and side effects) since feb I have been prescribed 5 different antidepressants to try, like 3 different sleep meds and 2 benzos! I give myself a lot of anxiety because I love obsessively googling and researching health conditions and side effects and just mental health in general. Since feb I have seen about 8 different doctors! 3 different therapists now a new counselor. I loooove going to the dr. I love telling them my life stories and love telling them everything that’s wrong with me. But when they can’t fix me immediately I move on to the next one even though my issues have no quick fix! My anxiety is like 100% just physical symptoms. Not racing thoughts or excessive worry about something bad happening but it’s like I’m so in tuned with my body that I notice every little thing and can always find something about me that feels “weird” to cause more anxiety. Like my ear! WhEn I am anxious I lose hearing in my left ear! Or I have difficulty swallowing so I start panicking thinking I am going to choke. I started sweating, my knees and hands tremble. My brain fogs over and I can’t focus.

How crazy does this sound?


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2012
Another planet
Sorry you are feeling like this.

Is doesn't sound crazy at all to me. Like you say you know there is no quick fix. But can understand you are desperate to feel better. Think you need to try and stick to a therapist unless you don't feel you can work with them.