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Hypnotherapy, Can It Work, Does It Work, Your Experiences



New member
Nov 11, 2009
Hi all a newbie here so please be gentle with me.
I've suffered with depression for nearly 20 years now, i think i started originally with a panic attack (although at the time i didn't know it was a panic attack) i remember laying in bed my heart racing and thinking i was having a heart attack, a truly terryfying experience and unfortunately an experience i'm still having to this day :(

I'm sure i'm not the only one who has those days where you think is this life actually worth living and is there any point.

I've tried lots of different medication over the years and none seem to work for me. i'm at my wits end i want to get well and i need to get well for myself and the sake of my family.

My question is has anybody on the forum actually tried hypnotherapy? what has your experience been good or bad?
can it actually work and more importantly does it actually work.
Is there anything i should be aware of? or anything that could go wrong if i actually went ahead with hypnotherapy.

Medication doesnt seem to work so i'm hoping to try another method which is why i'm thinking about hypnotherapy.

I'd appreciate any views any of you may have.
thankyou in advance


Former member
I had hynotherapy for two years about 9 years ago and yes I had a very positive experience from it it taught me relaxation in the most and I certainly was able to cope reasonably well for that time.If I could afford topay £50+ a week I would still have it. JD