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Hypertension and agoraphobia...help



New member
Nov 26, 2018
Hi guys,

My dad has been fighting Agoraphobia, panic attacks, ptsd...for 20 years now. He is 43, he has been in war at very young age 17-21, and shortly after got his first panic attack. He has had his ups and downs with agoraphobia. Currently, he cannot go further than 5 miles from our home for 7 years, one year he couldn't even go out of the house. He cannot work, go to the doctor, bigger markets, public transport, post office, traffic and all similar situations where escape is hard. The problem is that he has hypertension. He is on self-medication of Valsartan for hypertension and keeps it at almost normal level, around 130/92 . That is the main reason that panic attacks scare him. He believes that he would get a heart attack and that his heart is not healthy enough to handle the arythmia. He even scares me with this and I do not know how smart it is to push him to recover. It hurts so much to see this wonderful dad and person struggle so much with life and live almost in prison. He would like to be like all the other dads, husbands, to work, to go for a walk, ride, go to the city or simply take the bus. Let's not forget to mention that due to all this he cannot visit a cardiologist or go to any therapy.

Please help with any advice you can give. I would highly appreciate it.


Well-known member
Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
I was diagnosed with agoraphobia 30 years ago. I recovered and even flew to a foreign country for plastic surgery and stayed there on my own for 10 days! I would say that I am proof that you can beat agoraphobia.

I found that relaxation exercises (daily) helped me and I had a counsellor. The biggest factor in my recovery was re-wiring my brain and this was what really sorted me out.

I have since had some anxiety return, but since revisiting my counsellor, we have worked out why and I have started to re-wire again, which is how I came across this forum. I have read a book called 'anxiety, panicking about panic' which I can thoroughly recommend, about £3 on amazon kindle edition. Also a site called anxietycoach.com is brilliant and will explain things.

It doesn't matter how long you have had agoraphobia, re-wiring can still work.

I made notes from the book and the website, wrote them into a note book for refreshing my knowledge, writing things down helped me to remember. Also the notes are at hand immediately and you don't need to rely on a computer. I made a plan, again in writing, for when I felt anxious.


New member
Mar 11, 2019
I am 40 and can not go more that 2 miles from my home. I have a severe panic disorder that has left me unemployed. I have ran red lights to get back home where it was safe.