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husband with split personality



New member
Mar 26, 2010
Hi all, I found out that my husband has been lying to me about money and other things. He has had time and time again to tell the truth but he can't deal with things so he burys his head in the sand.
Even when I tell him it will be ok if he tells me the truth and I will stand by his side to sort things out and repay debts etc he still can't bring himself to tell the truth.
I think he is a compulsive liar and this has resulted in us nearly losing our family home, losing cars, and a new debt of over 18k for rent. He managed to hide all the evidence from me and i'm a housewife at home receiving the mail!
He is a lovely generous, kind man but he has this dark side and its like a person I don't know.
He has agreed to see a psyciatrist and wants me to go with him.
I have never coem across this before and I dont know what this is or what to expect.
can anyone shed some light on what this could be?


I wrote a reply on your other post.

Do you think he could be struggling with some form of addiction, like gambling ?

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