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Husband has depression



New member
Jan 18, 2021
Hi all. Hope this is the right place.

tldr: husband is depressed, won’t accept any help and I’m broken by being the support network

I’ve been with my husband for 4 years. And over the years he’s just gone into decline. He’s very negative but has gone into catastrophing everything - the smallest thing turns sounds like a massive disaster and he dumps all his worries and negativity on me.

As his wife I thought I was there to provide support so I haven’t put in the boundaries I realise I should have.

However last week I thought a night playing games and a few drinks would be fun - we both needed a pandemic lockdown break. The evening turned into him drinking fast and heavy and getting very angry about his mother. His mother has terminal cancer but his anger was about his childhood and her as a person rather than the situation. I knew he disliked his father but this was new.
This led to him refusing to get out of bed the next day and having a full on panic attack. (I’ll point out pre Covid and pre his mother’s illness it was becoming common for us to go out and the evening turning into him offloading and moaning the entire time to which we’d discussed.
Thursday he came home from work and was having a melt down because he had decided to quit his job next year. We’d agreed and discussed it. But he was having a panic about if it was the right decision, crying and demanding we go thru the finances. So we did.
The next morning I just started crying and spend the day crying. I’d broken. He came home from work and seeing my distress we talked it thru. He told me he’d arranged to go to a mates for a drink for a boys night as he needed a laugh and once we’d chatted about my distress he asked about dinner because his mate was picking him up at X time. He spent the evening with his mate and wife (wasn’t a boys night) whilst I was home alone still crying.

So the blinkers came off. He’s previously lied to me about boys nights that were not boys nights and oh’s were there. I realised he’s lied to me about other things and it’s eroded the trust. He does things to placate me but doesn’t mean them. So he had counselling last year for his anxiety because I said things needed to change. He’s just admitted he lied in counselling and didn’t open up when asked. He said it was because it was online (everything has a reason why he can’t do something) He been on work courses to help with management and then ignored all the advise and spent 2 years moaning he can’t do his job. He moans his mother doesn’t listen to anything he suggests and I pointed out he is exactly the same.

Anyway I realise now, he’s not ready for help and he’s the only one who can ask for it.
I’ve suffered depression myself but was single so I’ve no idea how to support someone, support someone I’ve lost trust in, someone who doesn’t want help. I understand he’s depressed and anxious but he just doesn’t want help.

I’m broken with it all. He doesn’t consider my feelings at all - and I think it’s hard to understand now if that’s him or the depression. (First week I moved in with him he told me his ex messaged wanting him back and then went on a boys weekend camping - leaving me very confused. Massive red flag, I should have realised then but I’m in this bed now - was he depressed then or just selfish)

I probably sound like the selfish one but thanks for listening x


Well-known member
Oct 15, 2020
Sounds like you're in a very lonely place, and I'm really sorry that you're going through this! It sounds like your husband is acting less like a husband and more like a grown child. Have you considered maybe getting some professional help for yourself to help you through these trying times? I don't think you sound selfish at all, it sounds like a very genuine concern. I'm personally not married, so I can't offer you any advice in that department. But, I think you're a smart person and you've probably already figured out a few answers to your problems. I wish you the best of luck!!!


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
Honestly he sounds like a jerk.
Take care of you.
Peace, today.


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2011
In order to help someone with depression you have to be in good shape yourself.
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