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Hugs all round



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Jun 28, 2014
Now that the Eton Nazi Party is free and single to stomp all over us once more. Divorced as they are from the Liberal ( Sell everyone up the river for a whiff of government) Democrats. I feel I should take this opportunity to "hug" everybody. And to offer a few words of advice.

If they do ANYTHING to you, from this day forward, that you consider unfair, unjustified or just plain vindictive (which no doubt they will) remember there is still help out there. CABs, Legal aid and other support groups, human rights laws and maybe even international condemnation forthcoming.

So please, have the strength to stand up to the bastards if you can, while we still have these options. And before the c***s take even that away from us!


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Jan 27, 2015
I hope we all can find the strength from somewhere to do just that, if it becomes necessary. I know from experience it's very hard to get that much needed help, due to the nature of the illness and the total fear of being judged and fighting back sometimes...and the total exhaustion the anxiety brings. We have each other on this forum and to come here and say how we feel and get support is a blessing....